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Fine Arts Programs

The arts are essential to the education of the whole person. Therefore the arts play an intricate role in our educational process. There are opportunities in the visual and performing arts at Concordia Jr/Sr High School. 

 Visual Arts

The visual art program is a progression of skills. Students learn drawing then move to painting or three dimensional art. Creativity, vision, and perspective are important.
The visual arts begin in junior high with a survey of art techniques and art history.
From there students can progress to Drawing where they learn shading techniques, perspective, etc.
Drawing leads into Painting where color is added for depth and contrast.
From painting a new perspective is added with 3 D Art which includes wire, clay, paper-mache, etc.
Talented artist will often take an independent study to develop a portfolio.
The number in parentheses following the course title indicates the number of credits granted for successful completion of that course.
The numbers 7-8-9-10-11-12 following the course description indicate the grades in which these courses are generally taken.

 Art History of America

This course gives the middle school student the opportunity to explore their American heritage and to bring their own personal identities to traditional arts and crafts.  Activities encourage the student to view American artwork and make personal interpretations drawn from their own lives and contemporary culture. Studio activities give students a greater understanding and appreciation for the skills developed by earlier artists.   Prereq.=none (7-8)
Art Fundamentals
During this semester’s study in art, we will be exploring the concepts of:  COLOR; LINE; SHAPE; TEXTURE; and FORM through the hands–on experiences of completing assignments in art. A variety of available art medias and materials will be utilized to challenge the student.  These will aid the student in investigating their own gifts and talents, so that in future opportunities they might be confident in their abilities. The assignments in Art will investigate the use of various medias such as: A VARIETY OF DRAWING and PAINTING METHODS; COLLAGES; MIXED MEDIA; and THREE DIMENSIONAL DESIGN. This class is designed to help students find where their gifts and talents are, therefore all medias are to be attempted and explored by each student. Prereq.=none (7-8)
The primary purpose of the class is to focus on acquiring the techniques and the skills needed to draw objects in the classical (realistic) style and to correctly handle the tools used in drawing. Prereq.=none (9-12)
Beginning Painting (Painting I)
The primary purpose of the class is to focus on acquiring the techniques and the skills needed to paint objects in the classical (realistic) style and to correctly handle the tools used in painting. This class will emphasize the use of four painting mediums: tempera; water colors; acrylics; and oils. Other mediums may be explored depending on time and class enthusiasm. Prereq.=Drawing (10-12)
Intermediate Painting (Painting II)
This is an upper division arts class. Its primary purpose is to create an inclusive portfolio of paintings that exhibit the painting abilities of the student that can be presented to a review board for entry into a college, university or trade school in the arts. The secondary focus is on providing challenges to the student so that she/he will become more adept in the techniques and the skills needed to paint objects in the classical (realistic) and contemporary styles, and to be more adept at correctly handling the tools used in painting. This class will require the investigation and the study of the painting techniques and styles of four to six painters to be mutually agreed upon between the student and the instructor.  Prereq.=Drawing, Painting I, or permission of the instructor (11-12)
3-D Art
During this year-long study in 3-D Design we will be exploring the concepts of:    SPATIAL FORM; STRUCTURE; MATERIALS; SCULPTURE; RELIEF; CONSTRUCTION; CARVING; and MODELING. A variety of materials and methods will be utilized to challenge the student. These will aid the student in increasing their understanding and abilities in, and appreciation of, art. The assignments in 3-D Design will utilize various methods and materials, such as:  PAPER: WOOD; CARDBOARD; WIRE; FOUND ITEMS; PLASTER and CERAMICS. This class is designed to assist the student in becoming proficient in the terminology, methods, and materials used in 3-D Design, therefore all assignments are to be attempted by each student and finished to the best of their God-given abilities. Prereq.=Drawing or Painting preferred. (10-12)

Musicians and hopeful musicians of all skill levels perform in our music groups.
  • The Beginning Band is designed for those with an interest in band but no previous experience. It is often the gateway to the more advanced bands. Even at this stage progress is so rapid that mini-concerts are held for parents and other interested parties.
  • Intermediate Band is designed for young players who have some skill in performing but have not yet mastered an instrument.
  • The Concert Band is committed to a variety of learning experiences. They are an excellent marching band performing in numerous parades. The Concert Band plays sacred music for a number area churches. They also perform classical and secular tunes. They participate in a musical showcase each year.
  • The award winning Bops are a high energy Jazz choir.
  • The award winning Jazzman Band performs at various school functions and social functions around Los Angeles. They have toured extensively and received a 96% rating in the Festival at Sea, a cruise to Ensenada. The Jazzman Band is by audition only.
  • The Concert Choir also performs a variety of music from sacred to secular. There are numerous opportunities for solos and duets. The choir performs at numerous church services throughout the Valley.
Students may also audition to participate in our show choirs, Bops or Melody Makers, which incorporate extensive choreography along with popular and contemporary music.
All of these groups show the breadth of our program and are open to grades 7-12.


Another area of the performing arts is Drama.  Students may enroll in courses in dramatic techniques and/or they can perform in our fall and spring productions. Productions vary from comedy to mystery, to musical and have included Peter Pan, The Pied Piper, Alice in Wonderland, Jan Eyre, Harry, Oliver Twist, and Little Shop of Horrors.